Project GeoSim

Project GeoSim is a joint research project of the Departments of Computer Science and Geography at Virginia Tech.

Project GeoSim Modules Available

The following GeoSim modules are currently available:
Human Population (HumPop) and International Population (IntlPop)
HumPop is a multimedia tutorial program. IntlPop is a population simulation program.
Migration Modeling (MigModel)
MigModel is a migration modeling and simulation program.
Mental Maps (MMap)
MMap is a geography quiz program.
Congressional Apportionment (MigPol)
MigPol simulates the effects of population shifts on the U.S. House of Representatives.
Sense of Place (SnsPlace)
SnsPlace focuses on the characteristics of U.S. counties and states.
The original "C" versions of hte Project GeoSim simulations were developed with the GeoSim Interface Library (GIL).
For information about GeoSim, contact us at: shaffer AT cs DOT vt DOT edu.
Last updated: 07/07/2006.