MigPol Overview

MigPol Overview

MigPol is an application that allows you to explore how population trends affect the number of seats each state is allotted in the U. S. House of Representatives.

The number of seats a state holds in the House of Representatives is an important measure of the state's political power. States with many seats in the House, such as California, New York, and Texas, have greater influence over policy decisions than states with fewer representatives.

The number of seats a state is allotted in the House of Representatives is determined by the state's population, with more seats going to the large states. When a state's population increases, its political power also increases.

MigPol allows you to project future House of Representatives apportionment based on current state growth rates, foreign immigration, and state-to-state migrations. MigPol uses these data to predict future state populations, then computes Congressional apportionment based on the predicted state populations. In addition, MigPol lets you change growth rates, immigration from foreign countries, and state-to-state migration amounts. This gives you a way to study how these factors affect House of Representatives apportionment.

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