GIL: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does the Graphical Interface Builder crash when I press the "+" and "-" buttons?

A. A bug was found in GIL's repeating button routine. The current version of the Graphical Interface Builder is free from this problem.

Q. Why won't the Graphical Interface Builder open the interface I just generated?

A. There are two possibilities:

The next minor release of the Graphical Interface Builder will verify the correctness of interface parameters.

Q. Can I use GIL from C++?

A. The 2.0.3 release of GIL includes headers which should work seamlessly with C++.

Q. Will the Graphical Interface Builder make me supply a name for my new interface?

A. Yes! The "New" and "Open" buttons in the file window are enabled if and only if your file name is at least one character long.

Q. What is the difference between a window's "Active/Inactive" status, and a window's "Visible/Invisible" status in the Graphical Interface Builder?

A. An "active" window is displayed when its GIL interface is initialized; an "inactive" window is displayed only after its GIL application calls GSdrawnamedwindow(...). A "visible" window is displayed in the Graphical Interface Builder's Visual Editor. Note that a window which will be inactive in the GIL interface can be visible in the Visual Editor (otherwise you couldn't edit it!) Initially, active windows are visible, and inactive windows are invisible. After the interface is loaded, a window's active status is not affected by its visibility status.

Q. Why can't I include iostream.h in my source files?

A. The iostream.h and geosim.h headers were incompatable. This problem is fixed in version 2.0.5.

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Last updated: 06/30/2006.